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History of the development of butterfly valve

30 era, the United States invented the butterfly, the 50's brought to Japan, to the 60's generally used only in Japan, and in the promotion of our country is the post-70s thing. The world in general at DN300 mm butterfly valve has gradually replaced the valve. Compared with the butterfly valve has open and close a short time, the operation for the small moments, the installation space of small and light weight. To DN1000 for example, butterfly valve about 2T, and the gate valve of about 3.5T, and butterfly valves with a variety of easy to drive portfolio has good durability and reliability.

Butterfly valve structure is simple and only a few component parts, materials consumption of the province; small size, light weight, installation size, small driving torque, easy to operate quickly, simply rotate 90 ° to Express headstock; and also has a good flow regulation function and turn off sealing characteristics at large and medium-caliber, the use of low-stress areas, butterfly valves are the leading form. Butterfly valve is fully open position, the butterfly plate thickness medium flows through the valve body are the only resistance, so the adoption of the valve pressure drop generated by small, it has good flow control characteristics. seal and metal shell has sealed two sealed type. Flexible sealing valves, seals can be mounted on the valve body on or attached to surrounding Butterfly board.

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