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Selection of globe valve Ways

globe valve stem and valve seat sealing surface axis vertical. Stem to open or close the trip was relatively short and have very reliable cutting action, making such valves are very suitable as a medium to cut off or regulate the use and expenditure.

globe valve in the valve open once the situation, and its valve seat and valve sealing surface is no longer between the contacts, also has a very reliable cutting action, or have such valves are very suitable as a medium to cut off or adjust the and cutting expenses, the use of.

Once the valve is turned on its valve seat and valve sealing surface is no longer there is between the contacts, and thus its sealing surface mechanical wear smaller, because the majority of globe valve of the valve seat and valve repair or replacement easier without sealing components put on the entire valve removed from the pipeline, this pipeline welding for the valves and into one of the occasions are very applicable. Medium through such valves when the flow direction changed, and therefore globe valve of the flow resistance higher in other valves.

Commonly used globe valve has the following categories:

1) angle-type valve; at angle-type stop valve, the fluid can change the time direction, so that the passage of the valve pressure drop than the conventional structure of small globe valve.

2) DC-type globe valve; in DC-type or Y-shaped globe valve, the valve body of the flow channel with mainstream Daocheng one slash, so the flow status of the damage than conventional globe valve should be small, thus the pressure loss through the valve is also corresponding smaller.

3) plunger-type valve: This form of globe valve are conventional variable valve type. At the valve, the valve flap and valve seat are usually designed based on the plunger principle. Polished into a valve stem connected with the plunger, sealed at the plunger are set up by the implementation of both flexible ring. Two elastic sealing rings with a separated and adopted by the valve cover nut covered with the restrictions on the valve plunger load put firm pressure around the ring. Elastic ring can be replaced can be used various materials, the valves used mainly for "open" or "off", but with a special plunger or special forms of the rings, can also be used to adjust flow.

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