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Fixed Ball Valve Product Overview

Also known as side-mounted ball valve fixed ball valve split, there is two-and three-two structure, with the valve body along the channel axis with a vertical cross-section is divided into two halves asymmetric about it in the pipeline on mainly used to cut off, and changing the distribution medium flows. Pivot its structure to ensure the accurate location of the ball. Valve base structure using the standard spring will push the ball valve seat to ensure a good low pressure sealing performance. The valve ball valve before the valve can be sealed after the valve seat, the so-called two-way sealing characteristics, the use of built-in relief valve, valve body in the cavity can be outward emissions. Stem begins with the protection of the use of anti-structure, low coefficient of friction of the bearings and so on. With excellent performance, high reliability and wide range of uses, etc. at reasonable prices

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